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About Scrapex

ScrapEx is the new online Scrap exchange platform, designed and developed by the publishers of Our group has been covering the World of scrap and recycling for over 5 years, focusing on daily news and pricing data for scrap metals, plastics, fibers, electronics, waste, and precious metals, from North American, European and Asian markets.


Over the years, we have discussed many issues with leaders of the scrap industry, from supply and demand, compliance, local and State laws, risks and fraud. We found that the most common problem dealers, brokers, and end-users face when entering the digital world to look for new business opportunities and relationships is fraud. We spent 2 years researching and developing a platform that would eliminate this problem.


ScrapEx is designed for scrap dealers, brokers, exporters, end-users and others who are looking for new buyers or suppliers, while dealing only with real, fully verified companies. Each trading member undergoes a thorough verification process during registration, to ensure their credibility and standing in the industry. Our goal is to provide a safe and easy way for companies to purchase and sell materials, with the best service possible. We do not charge registration or monthly fees (U.S. & Canada) or any premiums for sellers, as many others do. We only charge a minimal buyer’s premium to support the platform, which is as low as 0.5%.


Our mission is simple. We will continue to cover and promote this growing industry, find solutions to issues surrounding it, solidify our relationships with our current and future partners, and invite all Association members and companies to join ScrapEx, make new relationships, find new buyers and sellers, and help us build the best scrap exchange platform.


Your feedback and suggestions are greatly appreciated and will be reviewed carefully by our team. We will continue developing the platform based on ideas and suggestions from our members.


ScrapEx is for all of us and we shall all be involved in its success!


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